My brother lives in a house he built with his six children and his Mennonite wife.  The Mennonites and Amish on the Tug Hill Plateau make amazing caramel.  Leanne, my brother’s wife, makes amazing caramels.  I bring them down from the mountain.  The drive takes me past the cut off-road to Brantingham Lake.  On the left off of route 12 on the way in, and on the right on the way out.  The drive in movies is there on the right marking the way.  That cut off-road is frozen in time.  I see the fantom red van turning to follow us on the way in, or turning past us on the way back.  He said something to me that night, at that turn, in that red van.  He repeated it, but I can not remember.  I have past this way many many times in the past 23 years, and I can not remember.  The words he said are lost in time.  That was the last time I saw Lost Boy.